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Title: Candy Cane and the WAAC band "Old Black Magic"
Client: Narrowcast
Producer: Eric Marciano
Director: Eric Marciano
Camera: Frank Linkoff
Editor: Eric Schefter

"Old Black Magic"
"Old Black Magic" is the outrageous music video
which is at the heart of Eric Marciano's film "Narrowcast."

It uses the classic Johnny Mercer song in a brilliant arrangement by Art Labriola to vent the main character's frustrations and anger.
It is also very funny, eye-catching and explosive.

At festivals around the world, this music video provokes howls of laughter and standing ovations.

The piece was produced in 35mm and required substantial
mutl-layered work in Flame. It has to be seen to be believed.
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Watch the clip (2' 56")