It's with great sadness that we report that one our key colloborators for over 30 years, Joe Piazzo passed away on December 23rd 2017.  American Montage, Inc. would not be the company it is or have the high quality body of work it has without Joe.  We had just worked together filming Lee Breuer's "Glass Guignol" this past Thursday December 21st.

Joe was one of my best friends.  I had known him since we were teenagers. He was part of the same high school video program, Project Blueberry and went to School of Visual Arts with me. He was a brilliant designer, cameraman, filmmaker, special effects artist, web designer and engineer. 

He could design and build a house from soup to nuts; construction, plumbing, electrical and finishing work.His amazing gothic manor in Agawam, Mass is a testament do his talent and skill. 

He had a deep knowledge of cinema and had high standards for his work. He and I did numerous commercials, documentaries and independent films. Most of all he was generous, kind and a beautiful person. I will post videos of his work as a tribute to this amazing and gifted person. For me he leaves a great big hole in my heart. 

Enjoy the screening room on the other side Joe!

Please post remembrances on Joe's Facebook page.

Project Blueberry  - one his first videos (he had made numerous Super 8 films as a lad too).

Here's a reel of just a small bit Joe's body work including the never before seen film "The Men's Store" that was shot in 1983!

As always I want to thanks all of our clients and friends for the work and support. Looking forward to a great  2018.


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