The East Village of the 1970s and 1980s continues to thrive in the global public’s imagination. Located in the basement of a Polish Church at 57 St. Marks Place, Club 57 (1978–83) began as a no-budget venue for music and film exhibitions, and quickly took pride of place in a constellation of countercultural venues in downtown New York fueled by low rents, the Reagan presidency, and the desire to experiment with new modes of art, performance, fashion, music, and exhibition. A center of creative activity in the East Village, Club 57 is said to have influenced virtually every club that came in its wake.

Club 57: Film, Performance, and Art in the East Village, 1978–1983 is the first major exhibition to fully examine the scene-changing, interdisciplinary life of this seminal downtown New York alternative space. The exhibition will tap into the legacy of Club 57’s founding curatorial staff—film programmers Susan Hannaford and Tom Scully, exhibition organizer Keith Haring, and performance curator Ann Magnuson—to examine how the convergence of film, video, performance, art, and curatorship in the club environment of New York in the 1970s and 1980s became a model for a new spirit of interdisciplinary endeavor. Responding to the broad range of programming at Club 57, the exhibition will present their accomplishments across a range of disciplines—from film, video, performance, and theater to photography, painting, drawing, printmaking, collage, zines, fashion design, and curating. Building on extensive research and oral history, the exhibition features many works that have not been exhibited publicly since the 1980s.

La MaMa 50th Anniversary Portraits

The original La MaMa 50th Anniversary Gala film that American Montage created for Mia Yoo was designed to include these fantastic portraits of artists that were interviewed for the project. Fred Hatt is simply a superb artist. Not only is he an accomplished illustrator and painter (including exquisite body painting) he is also wonderful photographer, cinematographer and videographer. He is also a great guy and a long time collaborator with American Montage, inc.. Please visit his site at

Produced by Eric Marciano
Created and Illustrated by Fred Hatt


The Global Gastronomy Award is a yearly prize awarded to a chef of crucial importance to the restaurant world whose work has deeply impacted how we think about food, gastronomy and hospitality.

Mexican food is a universe in itself, spanning a vast diversity of regional produce, ingredients and traditions, some pre-Columbian. Yet, sophistication is not what first comes to mind when imagining Mexican food, but rather frozen Margaritas, nachos and guacamole, which may be more Tex-Mex than authentic Mexican.

Enrique Olvera is about to change all that. He successively redefines and elevates this ancient and rustic cooking into contemporary gastronomy, with full respect for its roots and unique qualities. With a little tweaking from the inspired hands of Chef Olvera the legacy of Mexican cooking plays out in new and sometimes unexpected ways at his restaurants, especially at Pujol in Mexico City. Based on his stock of native ingredients like heirloom corn, wild herbs and greens, rare endemic seeds, nuts, chillies, and indeed insects like maguey worms and flying chicatana ants, he is not only moving Mexican cuisine forward, but expanding our notion of food itself.


This clip is a brief introduction to a documentary video created for Beth Sholom Synagogue's Visitor Center and the Synagogue's Preservation Foundation in order to bring awareness to the 50th anniversary of Beth Sholom, the only synagogue to be designed by Frank Lloyd Wright. The film, narrated by Leonard Nimoy and written by James Sanders, is co-directed by Alison Cornyn and James Sanders and produced by Picture Projects in Brooklyn, NY. The full 22 minute film can only be seen upon visiting the Synagogue.


This is the first in a series of Photo Romans written and read by Peter Nolan Smith and produced and edited by Eric Marciano. This particular piece is a journey to find calm after loss. In the words of Peter:

we are both new englanders.

family is everything.

The story is from 1995.

Romana's Pilates - Power Mat Workout

Barbara Ligeti is a writer, producer and director who started life as an actress and dancer. She discovered Pilate’s at Romana Kryzanowska’s New York studio in the 70’s.

She approaches any project with incredible energy and insight. “Romana's Pilates: Powerhouse Mat Workout” was no different. Barbara needed a place to complete this superb program of exercise and rejuvenation with Romana one of Mr. Pilates’ special students. American Montage provided her with edit suite, editor and the atmosphere to post-produce this wonderful multiple camera video how to series.

Producer and Director: Barbara Ligeti, Jeffery Altshuler
Editor: Steven Giuliano

VNU Video Wall

Initiated through the AMI website, this project brought together
a diverse and exciting creative team to produce a high-definition video wall for VNU’s new corporate headquarters in New York City. VNU, Inc. is the corporate parent of ACNielsen, Billboard Magazine, Hollywood Reporter and other media.

American Montage and Steven Meyer, in association with Tulsa Productions, Anthony Naglemann and Landor Design focused intensely on creating an atmospheric, technologically complex video installation. Ten (10) six-foot-wide high-definition video monitors reveal choreographed motifs that represent the VNU core business of media measurement.

Client: Landor Design, VNU
Director/Photographer: Anthony Nagelmann
Producer/High-Definition Consultant: Steven Meyer
Designer: Junji Hase Design Coordinator: Robert Matza
Editor/Post Production: Eric Marciano
After Effects: Joe Piazzo

Pass the Torch

The "Pass the Torch" speaker series features discussions with outstanding artists, entertainers, journalists and media personalities whose careers have been distinguished by their social consciousness and activism.

In this unique forum sponsored by the Black Filmmaker Foundation, and NYU’s Tisch School of the Arts and Institute of African American Affairs, these mentors and griots in the fight for social and racial justice are invited to "pass the torch" to the next generation of activists.

These illustrious speakers include: Harry BelafonteMichael MoorePam GrierSonia BragaKatherine DunhamJamal JosephJames MtumeFelipe LucianoDerrick Bell, and C. Daniel Dawson. These lectures include a comprehensive biography of each speaker and are broken into convenient 16 part series of 30-minute programs.

Exectuive Producer: Warrington Hudlin
Director/Producer: Eric Marciano
Editor: Emilie Agniel
Associate Producer: Andrea Sherrel
Cameras: Joe Piazzo, Fred Hatt, Gary Brewer